Civil Law & Litigation

Solace Law litigates civil wrongs in both State and Federal Court’s focusing on the prosecution of tort and business litigation.

Tort Law and Litigation: 

Tort litigation refers to a civil lawsuit that one individual brings against another individual or entity. Tort litigation allows a person to recover monetary damages for injuries that a defendant causes by negligent or intentional behavior. It is distinct from criminal litigation, and there are different rules and burdens of proof. Under tort law, individuals have a legal duty to behave in a responsible and appropriate manner to other individuals. When these legal duties are breached, the person who breaches them is subject to civil penalties. The breach gives rise to tort litigation.

Solace Law prosecutes all tort claims on behalf of individuals who have been injured as a result of another individual or entity’s negligent conduct. Injury claims can arise in both physical and economic contexts dependent upon the issue that gave rise to the dispute.

Business Law and Litigation:

From routine contracts to bet-the-business litigation, we provide a full range of legal services that are custom-tailored to your business’s overall circumstances. While we stress a proactive approach, there are times when business litigation becomes unavoidable. These can involve contract disputes, questions of liability when customers are injured, or disputes with employees or between partners. No matter what legal issue you are facing, we will take an aggressive approach to strengthen your position and seek a speedy resolution that is as much to the benefit of your business as possible.

Solace Law offers legal strategy and consulting services for businesses who engage in high stakes deal making. The old saying, “trust but verify” strongly applies. We know that your first priority is to get the deal done, and we will make facilitating the deal our first priority. However, there are times where the small details can impact you in ways you may have overlooked. Whether this is increasing your liability or opening the door to a future dispute over some ambiguity, we will carefully review your contracts and other documents to ensure that the deal truly furthers your interests and help you through the negotiation process at every step.