Entertainment Law & Litigation  

Solace Law represents, “well known” and select “not well known just yet” artists who need legal consultation, contractual protection and enforcement of rights. Whether you’re starting your career or have several magazine covers or Grammy’s under your belt, you may be flooded with people knocking down your door looking to ride your coat tails to their own financial success. Celebrities have another layer of vulnerability due to their public figure status, especially when involved in litigation. Reputation management is key. Although you may be well aware that not everyone you meet will have your best interests in mind, you may have trouble keeping up with everything as you try to focus on your artistic vision and simply not get overwhelmed by the business side of being an artist. Solace Law can help support your established or growing career and make sure your legal rights are protected every step of the way.

Contracts are vital to any music, acting or modeling career. The first step is in negotiating a solid deal. While you may not have a great deal of leverage to secure a big payday early on, you are entitled to have a deal that furthers your interests. This means making sure that any deal you sign isn’t completely one-sided or filled with fine print provisions that would grant all of the fruits of your success to someone else.

Whether you need help through the negotiation process and drawing up a contract from scratch, need someone to review a document before you sign it or litigate your rights in Court, we’re here to help.

If you’re a performing artist who needs legal assistance or consultation contact Solace Law today.